SLEEP WELL BY SLEEPING RIGHT – The Pros & Cons of Your Favorite Sleeping Positions

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A lot of us are sleep deprived because there is almost always not enough time to do everything you need to in a single day. More so, when we finally have enough time to sleep, chances are we would wake up in the middle of night. This is brought about by mainly two causes – it is either noise has interrupted your sleep or it could be discomfort from the way you were lying down. This article is going to talk about the three main sleeping positions along with the health advantages and disadvantages that go along with it.


According to many physical therapists, sleeping on your stomach is the worst sleeping position. When you lie down in this position, the lower lumbar area is compressed as well as the front of your body. This is not good for women since it creates discomfort for the breasts and at the same time causing wrinkles. Don’t just blame it on gravity. It is also because your skin should be free of any contact and should be allowed to breathe. Furthermore, this position will normally have your head turned on one side so there is a big chance you’ll be waking up with a sore neck in the morning too! Lying on your stomach may, however, lessen snoring. But there are better sleeping positions to prevent that.


Snorers/Sleep Apnea


Neck, Spine and Chest



Sleeping on the back is considered the best position universally. Even weight distribution is maintained along with good support for the neck and spine. Lying down on the back allows your skin to breathe which prevents the formation of facial wrinkles and sagging. Maintain the natural curve of your back by placing a small pillow under your knees. However, the only down side is that this is not the best option for those with sleep apnea as the tongue will naturally block the breathing airway.


  • Spine
  • Neck
  • Weight distribution
  • Posture
  • Prevents wrinkles


  • Snorers/Sleep Apnea



Side sleeping is the best position for those who have sleep apnea or tend to snore in their sleep. Sleeping on your side is a good option for those with lower back problems as it relieves tension from your back and it keeps your spine on neutral position. As you sleep on your side, having your leg stacked on top of the other make your lower torso slope down causing an imbalance in your posture. This can easily be remedied by placing a pillow between the knees until the leg stacked on top is aligned with your hip. Similar with the legs, the shoulders should not cave into the chest. Make sure the shoulders don’t compress the chest by hugging a pillow across as well. In short, a bolster pillow is a side sleeper’s best friend!

Additionally, according to research, sleeping on your left side can prevent heartburn and is also good for pregnant women as it improves circulation.


  • Snorers/Sleep Apnea
  • Spine
  • Relieves back pain


  • Wrinkles
  • Shoulders


Overall, the important things to consider is that the spine, neck and shoulders are always in a neutral state. It seems the main factor between side sleeping and back sleeping is whether one has a snoring problem. Studies have shown, though, that there are snorers that do tend to snore regardless of the sleeping position. It is strongly suggested to see a doctor regarding this as the way they sleep could be but a minor factor of the problem.


A pricey high quality mattress is not necessary to have good sleep regardless of their claims. Just make sure your mattress has the right support for you and is always in good shape and you are fine! You will know when it is time for a new mattress if the middle part of the bed makes your body sink down making it harder for you to get into a neutral position. Consider getting a bolster pillow and a varying size pillows depending on the support you need as well.


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