SLEEP WELL BY SLEEPING RIGHT – The Pros & Cons of Your Favorite Sleeping Positions

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A lot of us are sleep deprived because there is almost always not enough time to do everything you need to in a single day. More so, when we finally have enough time to sleep, chances are we would wake up in the middle of night. This is brought about by mainly two causes – it is either noise has interrupted your sleep or it could be discomfort from the way you were lying down. This article is going to talk about the three main sleeping positions along with the health advantages and disadvantages that go along with it.


According to many physical therapists, sleeping on your stomach is the worst sleeping position. When you lie down in this position, the lower lumbar area is compressed as well as the front of your body. This is not good for women since it creates discomfort for the breasts and at the same time causing wrinkles. Don’t just blame it on gravity. It is also because your skin should be free of any contact and should be allowed to breathe. Furthermore, this position will normally have your head turned on one side so there is a big chance you’ll be

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