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Bought Valentino Bed Frame with Hybrid Mattress

I considered the bed frame and mattress my Best Buy for #chapter2.

Valentino bed frame in grey fabric headboard and walnut woody frame. Baton hybrid mattress that gave me the firmness and comfort level I needed. Both from @comfortdesignfurni and a steal with total cost <$1500! I had used Serta for the last decade and had always wanted the next change a Sealy mattress. Hub found Baton and asked me to try. Woohoo.. the firmness and comfort level totally suit me! Best part: mattress came with 30-days sleep trial. If you have slept in for 14 days and still don’t enjoy, you could ask for a refund! How’s that for a good deal!


Took me months to decide what mattress to buy but I’m glad I went with Baton Sleep. It’s really comfortable and I’ve never slept better! Kudos to sales staff Vrouwinn who helped me out with a free replacement cover when I accidentally spilled oil on mine! 5 star service indeed!

Yi Xin Sng

I got to say! The site gave me a lot great info, and with that I was able to chose the mattress I needed! When I was there, their service was splendid.
Anyway the mattress I got was like my life saviour, finally gotten my sleep! Highly recommended!

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Bought Hybrid Mattress in Super Single Size.

I love my purchase with the hybrid (cause I’m a side sleeper) baton mattress! No more back pain and longer sleep. It’s so comfortable! Better or more affordable than expensive Brands in the market!!! ♡ #notapaidadvertisment


Bought Hybrid Mattress in Queen Size.

Got the hybrid queen size. So comfy, wished I don’t have to work and just sleep all day long!


Bought Regular Mattress and Snug Bed Frame, both in King Size.

Given the incredible low price for the bed frame and mattress I was initially skeptical about the quality, for I really like firm mattresses. But oh what an amazing surprise. LOVE the mattress. And the frame. How can a mattress be so firm when it comes from a roll!!

Melody Chew

What a good buy! Totally pleased with the Hybrid mattresses. I like my mattress to give the just right support and the cover to be removable so I can wash it regularly without having to steam-clean it. Baton meets all my requirements and best of all, it doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket. Highly recommended!

Yew Kwong

Very comfortable. My whole body feels supported. It helps my body to relax and fall asleep easily. It is cooling.
It is really worth the money. Michelin feel hawker price!

Ridzuan Arif bin Johari

Comfortable, managed to have a good and undisturbed sleep. Thank you.

Sharon C

The purchase process was quick and hassle-free, and delivery was equally easy. Granted that I haven’t slept on the mattress for more than 5 times since I purchased it for the guest room, I have to say however, that it’s a lot more comfortable than I expected and great value for money. The Hybrid mattress gives good support without being too firm, and I would definitely recommend it.

Natalie Tan

I’ve been sleeping on the Baton mattress for almost a month now and I love it! I prefer soft but firm mattresses so I got the Hybrid one. Initially I was afraid it’ll be too hard for my liking, but decided to take the chance since there was a free trial for 30 nights. A chance worth taking! I like that they’re customer-centric and understand that it takes some time for customers to really test out a mattress – it shows that they value customer satisfaction. I feel my quality of sleep has improved and the mattress provides great support. Needless to say, very value for money too.

I was also impressed with the delivery and set up. It took no more than 10 minutes for them to carry the mattress up to my room on the second floor, open up the packaging, roll it out and set it up on my bed. It’s so fuss-free!

A few of my friends just got their houses too so I highly recommended this to them.

Suzanne Chan

Thanks Baton Sleep for the awesome mattress! Glad it came in a box, with the mattress so compactly packaged, carrying up the stairs was an ease! I didn’t have to make space within my house in order for your delivery man to carry the mattress to my room. Neither did I have to fear getting scratches on the walls (phew). The Hybrid mattress feels soft at first, but it doesn’t sink all the way down. It is capable of ‘reacting’ to your weight and ‘holding’ you in places where you need it – just the right firmness. Incredible product!

Jolyn Koh

I’m able to enjoy undisturbed, comfortable and good sleep every night thanks to Baton’s mattress. I would highly recommend my friends to purchase it; it’s reasonably priced too.


Comfortable bed at relatively reasonable price. It’s worth the price that I paid for. Would certainly look into Baton Mattress in the future.

Ng Shee Wah

The mattress came vacuum shrunk and easy to inflate naturally. Considered light for it’s size and easier to lift and change bed sheets. Most importantly, it is comfortable. Firm enough and yet soft to have some cocooning effect. Very value for money in my opinion.


I was looking for a new mattress, and finally decided on Baton Sleep because of the money back guarantee. I didn’t want to end up getting stuck with a mattress I didn’t like! Really glad the Baton Sleep mattress worked out! It has good support, and is soft enough for a good night’s sleep. I no longer wake up with backaches.

Diana Quah

Visited the outlet to try the 2 mattresses on offer before ordering after chancing upon their website while surfing for mattresses. Online ordering was a piece of cake. Very comfy to sleep on. Service team was great to respond swiftly to my queries. Overall good value for money.

Brian Lau

I liked how Baton simplified the purchase decision. To be frank, my wife and I had been to many furniture shops and tried on countless of mattresses. Those from the few hundreds to the few thousands of dollars. And frankly, after a couple of tries, I couldn’t tell the difference between the mattresses anymore. I got more and more confused by what those salesmen were telling me. I chanced upon Baton when I was looking for my house’s sofa set. I bought their mattress simply because one thing they said that totally made sense to it: tangible benefits is all I need! Baton is value for money.

Kimberly Lee

I live in the older parts of Ang Mo Kio. The lift doesn’t allow for a king size mattress to enter, as such, my husband and I have been using 2pieces of Single sized mattress all these years. When I learned that Baton delivers in a rolled-box form, I was ecstatic! Finally no bulging joint lines between my husband and I!!

Rachael Wong

I can’t really sleep on soft mattresses as I often suffer from backaches. So looking for a firm one is my top priority. The firm mattress is really suitable for me. No regrets.

David Lim

When I lie on it, my back relaxed as the mattress soften. At the same time, my back felt supported. Guess it’s due to their smart combination of pocket springs and foam.

Sonia Ng

Stumbled upon the website while searching for mattresses online. Was curious about the “Try 30 nights free!” and affordable pricing. Thought I gave it a shot with nothing to lose. The product and overall experience is excellent!

Janet Ong

Incredible price and i love the nice texture of the bed. Certain to recommend to friends and family!

Steven Teo

The mattress is plush and comfy and met my expectations. Will definitely purchase again for our guest rooms!

TK Sim

The Baton mattress is so much better than the branded mattress that I bought a few years ago. No need to spend a bomb but still got a decent plushy mattress. Good job guys!

Kenny Lim

Baton mattress came in a box which was unconventional. The delivery man helped us set it up onto our bed. The initial expansion of the mattress was fast but it took a couple of hours for it to expand to its original height. My wife & I were impressed with how the mattress can rise back after being vacuumed.

Ayla G.

Given that it’s delivered in a very compact box, I had no trouble temporarily keeping it aside at home. I also didn’t have to worry about perfectly coordinating the timing with our old mattress’s disposal and the new mattress delivery. Not only did it make transition easier for me, setting it up was a breeze too!

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